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                                                   MOTHER’S TAROT                                                     (Reading from standard pack of deck cards)

By Heidi Von Zilpke

Withdraw cards from two to seven plus jokers from pack.   Shuffle remaining deck and cut towards yourself three times – put deck back together and deal out eight across and four down.  

This was my mother’s way of card reading (I recorded this information many years back from what she herself could remember and buried it away as I knew I would probably forget it).   She said an elderly woman she knew when she was young  read the cards in this manner.

TO READ THE CARDS:     Find the card that represents yourself eg if you are female and married (or with a partner) you would be the Queen of Hearts.  

See which way your card is facing(this is important because she is looking at the prediction) - read from facing card direction  diagonally upwards then diagonally downwards.   Next cards straight along from way card is looking.   You can then check reading between yourself and your loved ones eg children are King and Queen of Diamonds or 8 Hearts.    Then read surrounding cards.   If you wish to check on something eg You are Married female, and you are going on holiday soon, then read cards between Queen of Hearts and Ace Clubs; or if you want to see how your work is going then read card between Queen of Hearts and Jack Clubs.



Ace:          Large House (eg Hospital)

King:        High Official - Authority      

Queen:     Lady with bad thoughts     

Jack:        Good job or work   

10:           Good journey  

9:             Something gone wrong

8:             Sickness or illness  

7:             Something crossing in the evening



Ace:          Our house

King:         Married Man

Queen:     Married woman

Jack:         Lucky Jack

10:            Parties

9:              Window (future view)

8:              Meeting with young people

7.              Love in the future and / or in the cradle a baby                                                                                    


Ace:          Fright (upright),  present (upside down)

King:         High official - Doctor 

Queen:     Old lady   

Jack:        Death or something unpleasant

10:            Good bread               

9:              Something upsetting              

 8:             Tears      

 7:             Scare in the evening        



Ace:          A ‘letter’  

King:         Nice young man – good looking

Queen:     Nice young lady – good looking

Jack:        Good news

10:            Much money

9:              Much money

 8:             Small money

 7:             Small money  

 (7 to 10 usually means money ‘in’ unless surrounded by bad cards then ‘out’)

If you have a go at Mother’s Tarot and you wish to let us know how you got on - contact here: heidi@hoodedcat.co.uk